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Study strategy for IITJEE

Some of the most common questions asked on IITJEE are "how should we study?", "what are the important topics?", "I am not able to solve tough questions so can I clear IITJEE?", "what is the best time to study?", "which subject should I give more time?" etc.

So answers of these questions from experiences of my successful friends who managed to crack one of the toughest examinations on the earth.

“What are the important subjects?” Since all the subjects have a minimum cut-off marks to be cleared, so you cannot ignore any subject thinking that you can manage with only other subjects. You have to give equal weight-age to all the subjects. The common misconception a student creates after reading this line is that I am asking him to give equal time to all the subjects. Absolutely incorrect, I am only asking you to give equal weight-age and not equal time. If you are able to complete all the practice questions of chemical kinetics in say 3 hours but its taking you around 5 hours to complete all the questions of definite integral, its fine. You don’t need to give extra hours on chemistry since you completed one chapter of it in lesser time.

“I am not able to solve tough questions so can I clear IITJEE?” JEE is less about solving tough questions but more about solving questions smartly. Though there are a few very tough questions in JEE papers but a majority of questions are not tough but they require smarter approach which comes only by practicing and solving quality questions. First try to solve the solved examples (without looking at their solution) and then check your approach with the solution provided. This will help you to improve your ability to approach for new questions. So even if you are not able to solve questions initially (although your friend might be able to handle them easily), don’t worry. Some people are slow learners and some are fast. But a slow learner can overtake a fast learner if he is constant in his approach. All that matters is how you are going to deliver on the Final day.

“What time to study?” it all depends on when you feel comfortable. All you need is to work efficiently. Keep proper gap between two study periods. Try to do something that refreshes your mind in the gaps like listening soft music or playing some instrument. I will advise you not to watch TV in the gaps because it makes your eyes tired and moreover the stuffs you watch on TV tends to linger for longer time in your mind. Give yourself a small nap in afternoon to feel refresh and enthusiastic.

I always recommend students to keep an eye on the previous year papers of IITJEE. This will help you to figure out important areas and topics where you should give more attention.

At last I will suggest you to keep pace with your tutor/coaching/mentor. If somehow you miss a topic, move on to current topic but at the same time, don’t leave the missed topic for last time because at last time there will be many more things to do. Try to find out some extra time (either on weekend or by working half an hour extra on work days) and try to cover at least the basics of the left out topic.

All The Best !!!

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